about a boy

This is about a boy.

A baby boy. Just days old.

I almost didn’t meet him.

He is one of billions. But he is the only human being to have ever existed with his specific DNA code, a custom signature by his Creator.

Already, he possesses preferences, abilities, gifts, and talents- deeply planted seeds awaiting cultivation.

He is full of promise and bursts with purpose for this planet.

Will he write poetry or jazz music?
Will he be a teacher, scientist, or rugby player?
Will he farm or ranch? Rope or ride?

I wonder if he’ll be shy or maybe he’ll have a loud laugh- the kind that makes a room take notice.

I wonder if he’ll fall in love quickly- the hard kind of fall where she leaves his head spinning after one date.

We named him David. Everyone deserves the dignity of a name.

“David”, February 12, 2016

I almost didn’t meet him.

She gave birth to him, then made a plan… to discard him. Her womb gave heartbeat to a life her own heart could not love. A dark irony, indeed.

I don’t understand it, so I don’t try. Here is what I know:

Somewhere in the chaos of a world where mothers place their babies in trash bags, Grace awaits her.


Somewhere in the chaos of a world where we hear such stories and think we are better than her, Grace awaits us.

Because it’s impossible to grasp the profound meaning and beauty of being human when you haven’t met the beauty of the Creator.

Once named Discarded, now named David.

I held him for hours, but this is just another day at the safe house where I work this month.

In South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, finding newborns in trash bags is somewhat normal. Finding toddlers foraging for food in trash heaps is just another safe house story.

I’ve been to many of these places. I’ve held vulnerable children and heard heart-wrenching stories in the States, China, and Europe, but this place is different. These children are not a case number, they are unique, invaluable, purposed lives.

They are seen.

Yes, The King’s Children’s Home provides a safe space to sleep and food to eat, but the children here experience something remarkable.

For the very first time in their human existence, they experience what it means to be wanted.

Imagine the unseen impact of this great wonder. Behold the power of Love.

Love changes the trajectory of one life. One life changes a family and the destiny of a generation. A family can alter community and culture. Cultural shifts transform human history.

This is the power of Love.

Love is the immovable vision of Tracy and Jonathan King, and without relying on South African government assistance- what they do is nothing short of miraculous. They have committed themselves to never turn away a child in need, and they need YOUR help to Love in a bigger way.

The most urgent problem confronting The King’s Children’s Home is space. They need more space to take more children in desperate need of safety placement. No more worrying that another call will come without a bed available.

My team has been so blown away by this mission that we are coming together to raise funds for another temporary building to be placed on their property for use as safe house #3.

For all who have read my blogs and posts, commented, messaged, and emailed me over the last six months asking how you can help or be involved- here’s your answer:

Go and do the work or fund the work, but don’t sit and just observe the work. There is no space for spectators in the arena of social justice.

It’s time to BE the Love; to BE the voice for the voiceless ones… may that be your unshakeable life mission as well.

The David’s need you.

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